Soapbox On Loan! Call for Submissions

A great opportunity for pagan writers and crafters 😀


Atheopaganism is getting pretty big. It won’t be long before the Facebook community crosses 2,000 members, and our path is now a topic of conversation and familiarity in many Pagan circles all over the world.

Each of us does it a little differently, and that is exactly as should be: our celebrations of the Wheel of the Year will vary based on the climate and ecology of where we live, and our personal aesthetics and interests will naturally color and inform our practices.

It has always been my goal that this space be not “my megaphone”, but instead a place where we can share what is interesting about our Atheopagan practices and discoveries. Although I have a role in Atheopaganism, we’re creating it together.

Your voice is an important contributor.

I welcome you to submit pieces of 500-1200 words to me at atheopagan [AT] comcast [DOT] net. Potential topics might…

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Crystals for New Moon Workings

My latest article on HubPages is now published ready for the upcoming full moon. The article is full of useful tips for intentions and spells that will be empowered by the full moon energy as well as details of seven crystals particularly suited to this time. Selenite, moonstone, labradorite and sodalite are examples of crystals …

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An Introduction to the Use of Lunar Calendars.

For centuries, people all over the world have worshipped the moon and considered it to have magical powers. The fact that the moon has such an impact on our world was taken by believers to be a sign of the power it possesses. The idea that the moon is a goddess has been traced back …

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The Power of One: Cleaning Up the Coastline, One Person at a Time, with Barrel Bag


Tucker Grooms, a high school student in Marin County, California, found that he was constantly picking up litter while surfing on the beach. In September 2018, he launched a nonprofit, Barrel Bag, which manufactures and distributes eco-friendly and reusable mesh bags that make it easier for people to pick up trash while exploring the coastline. His WordPress website,, has become the online hub of the organization.

Each year, about 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean. “The problem of plastic pollution in the ocean is enormous,” says Tucker. “It only takes a single person to have an impact, which is exactly why I started Barrel Bag.” Since its launch last year, Barrel Bag has distributed over 6,250 bags, and continues to expand by partnering with socially minded organizations across California and beyond, including local chambers of commerce, regional tourism associations, and nonprofits like 1%…

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Mending Clothes as an Act of Rebellion — thephoenixgreen

A great and truly relevant post from a great blog. I have often wondered when it was that Western society collectively decided that visibly mended clothes were a mark of reduced status. Of a life worth less. Where a patch or a darn was certainly not acceptable in polite company. Many cultures across the globe …

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Mixed Crystals Back in Stock!

Our bags of mixed crystals are back in stock over at Elderberry Arts Designs. These mystery sets of tumbled stones contain a variety of crystals and are available in either 100g or 200g bags. The crystals included vary in size with the majority being 2-3 cm, though some may be larger or smaller than this. …

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Do you Make New Year’s Resolutions?

As the year draws to an end and we enter the time for reflection and looking within, it is common for people's thoughts to turn to improvements they wish to make in life. One way that this is often approached is in the making of New Year's resolutions in which they aim to change an …

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