Five Healing Herbal Teas for Kitchen Witches

Kitchen witches focus their magic around their home and hearth. Their magical tools are those commonly found in any kitchen such as wooden spoons, cooking pans and stove. The rituals and practices of a kitchen witch tend to be less ceremonial than some others and involve cooking, baking, cleaning and commonly the brewing of various health-giving and healing items such as teas, balms and tinctures.

A kitchen witch may infuse her magic in foods using the beneficial and magical properties of foods such as herbs, spices, vegetables and grains. They may enjoy experimenting with new recipes or sticking to a tried and tested few. Cooking and brewing with the aim of restoring health to those around them may also be a focus of this branch of witchery and herbal teas is one way that this can be achieved.

Read my full hub over at Kitchen Witchcraft: Five Healing Herbal Teas.

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