Soapbox On Loan! Call for Submissions

A great opportunity for pagan writers and crafters 😀


Atheopaganism is getting pretty big. It won’t be long before the Facebook community crosses 2,000 members, and our path is now a topic of conversation and familiarity in many Pagan circles all over the world.

Each of us does it a little differently, and that is exactly as should be: our celebrations of the Wheel of the Year will vary based on the climate and ecology of where we live, and our personal aesthetics and interests will naturally color and inform our practices.

It has always been my goal that this space be not “my megaphone”, but instead a place where we can share what is interesting about our Atheopagan practices and discoveries. Although I have a role in Atheopaganism, we’re creating it together.

Your voice is an important contributor.

I welcome you to submit pieces of 500-1200 words to me at atheopagan [AT] comcast [DOT] net. Potential topics might…

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Crystals for New Moon Workings

My latest article on HubPages is now published ready for the upcoming full moon. The article is full of useful tips for intentions and spells that will be empowered by the full moon energy as well as details of seven crystals particularly suited to this time. Selenite, moonstone, labradorite and sodalite are examples of crystals …

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