Crystals for New Moon Workings

My latest article on HubPages is now published ready for the upcoming full moon. The article is full of useful tips for intentions and spells that will be empowered by the full moon energy as well as details of seven crystals particularly suited to this time.

Selenite, moonstone, labradorite and sodalite are examples of crystals that are excellent for working with the energy of the full moon. These are featured in my article along with three other easily obtained crystals.

Full Moon Image
Source: Unknown, [Public Domain], Via
Many people consider the moon phases to be important when carrying out magical work. Each phase is believed to have a unique energy that lends power to certain intentions, spells and other rituals. Moon phases are also thought to be important in gardening and to aid in the healthy and abundant growth of plants, whether these are for food, magic or simply to enjoy the beauty of.

To read the full article head over to Seven Crystals for Working with Full Moon Energy.



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