Jewellery Making Tutorials

Elderberry Arts jewellery making tutorials can be purchase online. They are avaliable worldwide through the Kindle stores. Some examples of the tutorials that are available to download include:

  • Beaded Centipede Weave Bracelet
  • Cross Over Macrame
  • Shaggy Loops Bracelet
  • Beaded Wave Bracelet
  • Five Ways with Japanese Maille
  • Silver Byzantine Drop Earrings
  • Three Ways to Fasten Macrame Jewellery
  • Purple Princess Bracelet
  • Triple Gemstone Bracelet
  • Three Colour Endless Falls Bracelet
  • Two Colour Reversable Bracelet
  • Beaded Bracelet


All tutorials are available worldwide and prices start at 99p (approximately $1.25/€1.27).

My jewellery making tutorials are available to download and view on Kindle readers or apps for PC, Apple and Android phones. Each starts with a full list of the materials and tools needed so you can be perpared from the start. In the main body of the tutorial, clear step by step instructions and quality colour photographs guide you through the creation process. Techniques featured within my tutorials include macrame, wire work, stringing and chain maille.

Many of my macrame tutorials also feature basic information on macrame. This includes instructions showing how to create a macrame board or how to tie the needed knots.

As well as a collection of over 50 jewellery making tutorials, I have written two full length books. These are called Getting Started with Jewellery Making and Getting Started with Macrame.

For more information and links to my Kindle books, please visit my Author Page here.

Jewellery making tutorials




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